Our Mission

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  What if that child does not have a village?  We bring the village to the most vulnerable.
Global Orphanage for God is committed to providing hope, health and happiness to abused, abandoned and neglected children living in deprived areas of the world..

Our Values

We believe that opportunity, education, hope, and love are what children need to break the cycle of poverty and abuse, and we believe in sharing the love of Jesus.

Reasons To Give

Your  sponsorship will provide basic necessities of food, clothing, shoes, shelter, medical care, schoolbooks, school supplies and much more.  Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere and the work we do is truly needed.  Over half of the population are children.  Many are hungry, neglected, abused, and or abandoned.  The people of Honduras, however, are beautiful, friendly, and inviting of our assistance.  We have a wide array of programs that benefit the children and the community

Our Volunteers

Are you ready for a life changing experience?  Meet those who have had such an impact on the lives of children.

Sponsor A Child

Change the life of a Honduran child for just $39 a month , or a family for $100 per month!